Attorney Elliot Zinger has been a lawyer for over 35 years and is thought by many to be the best chicago criminal defense lawyer for black people in the State of Illinois. As strange as that may seem to some, Elliot Zinger is the child of two holocaust survivors. Having heard numerous stories about the atrocities of man's inhumanity against man from his parents as a child growing up, Elliot Zinger's expectations of the system which is ideally designed by, of and for "We The People" must be held accountable when any one of us has been victimized by it.

Elliot Zinger has a keen moral compass and is outraged whenever people of any ethnic group whose health interests, rights and needs are being violated by government or any other corporation, organization, citizens or individuals.

In the above photo Attorney Zinger is seen with Urban Translator Wallace Gator Bradley, Bishop Dr. Claude Porter and Amanda Shakleford, the mother of client Gerald Reed who was a Burge Torture victim. Reed was wrongly convicted of a crime and has been incarcerated for more than twenty years of his life.His realease is pending.

Mr. Zinger is advocate for many of the Burge Torture victims who were tortured by Jon Burge (Former Chicago Police Officer) into making confessions. Literally hundreds of men were wrongfully convicted due to these forced confessions. The investigation and trials have revealed conspiracy on the part of the state's attorney, chicago police and other officials. In the photo above, Mr. Zinger is seen downtown Chicago in demonstration, signage in hands protesting on behalf of "Burge Torture Wrongful Conviction Victims."
Attorney Elliot Zinger Great Lawyer with Over 35 years of experience.
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Mr. Zinger was lead trial counsel in the case of Natkin v. Oprah Winfrey, in which two Chicago area photographers, Paul Natkin and Stephen Green, sued Oprah Winfrey in Federal Court for copyright infringement and the rights to a collection of some 60,000 photographs detailing the history of “The Oprah Winfrey Show.” In the case, Zinger won what the Federal Judge presiding over the case referred to as a “landmark victory for the rights of photographic artists in America.” The photographers won the rights to all of the contested property in a published summary judgment decision; the remainder of the case was favorably settled several days into the jury trial in the Federal District Court in Chicago.